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Ashford Loom Parts
Available in 16", 24", 32"
Looms & Weaving Tools
Stand For Sample It Loom - Photo Coming
Bag to hold Sample It Loom - photo coming later
Heddle Hook, Metal Double Ended Heddle/Reed Hook, Nylon Bobbin Winder (Wooden) Bobbin Winder Belt
Stick Shuttles 6", 10", 14", 22", 30", Belt Shuttle Boat Shuttle 11.5" Boat Shuttle 14" Boat Shuttle Bobbins, set of 10 Bobbin Winder Belt for Bobbin Winder Fringe Twister
Pick Up Sticks Great for rigid heddle pattern work. Available in these sizes: Pick Up Stick 10in Pick Up Stick 14in Pick Up Stick 18in Pick Up Stick 22in Pick Up Stick 26in Pick Up Stick 30in Pick Up Stick 34in
12" for Katie Loom available in 16", 24" & 32"
Small Frame holds 4 1/2 yards Regular Frame holds 12 yards
Helpful for organizing your warp. Holds 15 meters (50') of warp.
Reeds for Sample it Loom
The (8in) weaving width allows you to sample all your favorite rigid heddle patterns, textures and colors. So compact, it is only (2.5lbs). The loom is made from beautiful solid natural Silver Beech timber and has strong handles, ratchets and clicker pawls so your warp never unwinds unintentionally. Also available are 5, 10 and 12.5 DPI reeds so you can weave fine to textured yarns.
Inkle weaving is very easy and lots of fun. The loom is designed to create long, very strong, braids. You can weave quite intricate patterns, and experiment with different types of yarns, beads and colors. If you are a weaver, you can use the inkle loom to create wonderful trims and tassels for your hand-woven cushions, rugs... It can also be used to make wrist bands, anklets, chokers, guitar straps, dog leads, and a lot more... Simple adjustment for warp tension. •WARP WIDTH: 10cm (4") •WARP LENGTH: 3.5 metres (11'5'') New Peg Tensioning
A portable Inkle loom! Lightweight, portable and strong with a convenient cut out for weaving and carrying. Now you can take your Inklette to class, guild meetings or on holiday. The loom is only 37cm (14 1/2") long and weighs only 530gms (1lb 2oz). •Amazing 1.8m (72") weaving length with pegs 65mm (2 1/2") long and 50mm (2") tension flap. New Peg Tensioning
Reeds for Katie available in 6, 8, 23 or 16 dpi
Plus 4 Later (add on) Harnesses This kit contains an 8 harness castle to replace the 4 harness castle. Comes in 16", 24" or 32" widths.
Second Back Beam A second back roller and beam. Combine different fibers for perfect tension. For the table loom.
Stand and treadle kit fold flat. Loom fits into stand - no screws needed. Strong frame with 2 shelves. Recommended for the 4 harness table loom. comes with 4 treadles
The loom and stand kit are sold separately •Folds completely •The 4 Shaft 16" loom fits into a suitcase for easy portability •The overhead beater system ensures even beating •Stretch cords automatically return the beater to a position back against the castle •Large working area •16 harness loom comes in 24" width only
For Multi heddle weaving. Includes 2 support blocks for reed and hardware. Use this kit to double your ends per inch. You will need another reed identical to the one you have. Two 12.5 dpi reeds give you 25 ends per inch! When you feel comfortable weaving with 2 heddles, you can enjoy experimenting with patterns
The Katie Loom comes assembled and lacquered. Includes: 10 dpi stainless steel reed, 320 texsolv heddles, threading hooks, step-by-step instruction booklet, and study padded carry bag. Just add yarn! •Portable – easy to fold and pack •Compact - 30cm (12in) weaving width •Light – 6.5kg (14¼lbs) •Smooth levers and auto bounce back overhead beater •Easy threading – beater flips up & out of the way •Eight harnesses – a fully functional table loom, unlimited possibilities
Brace for stand for 12" and 20" stands. The 28" stand comes with the brace.
For Multi heddle weaving. Includes 2 support blocks for reed and hardware. Use this kit to double your ends per inch. You will need another reed identical to the one you have. Two 12.5 dpi reeds give you 25 ends per inch! When you feel comfortable weaving with 2 heddles, you can enjoy experimenting with patterns
Knitters Loom Stand Loom stands for Knitters Loom 30cm/12in & 50cm/20in. Sturdy loom stand, easy to assemble and attach, weave anywhere anytime with no table required. Adjustable loom angle for relaxing weaving to suit everyone. Comfortable foot rest and lacquered finish make this the ideal accessory for your Knitters Loom. 28" stand comes with Support Brace
Additional reeds 2.5 dpi (10/10cm), 5 dpi (20/10cm), 7.5 dpi (30/10cm), 10 dpi (40/10cm) 12.5 dpi(50/10cm) Available for 12{", 20" & 28" looms.
Save and purchase the Knitters loom and bag Combo.
Fold the loom with weaving in place. Zippered shoulder bags available for both 30cm/12in and 50cm/20in looms. Smart dark blue padded carry bag. Strong durable. Front and side pockets for your yarn and shuttles. Top opening zipper.
Kit includes a warp and weave booklet, warping peg, 2 hooks, 2 clamps and 2 shuttles. •The loom is available in 30cm/12in or 50cm/20ins weaving widths •It comes assembled and lacquered. •New design nylon handles, cogs and pawls. •New chunky wide-eye 7.5dpi - 30/10 reed with large holes and slots. For all your fancy & funky yarns. •Both size looms are lightweight and ultra portable •Kit includes a colour step-by-step warp and weave book, warping peg, 2 hooks, 2 clamps and 2 shuttles. •New design nylon warp stick ties keep your warp sticks in the correct position at all times.
Available in Small: 14" x 10" Large: 28" x 20"
Bench with Storage
Upright Tapestry Loom Available in: Standard 21" X-Wide 40" Tapestry Bobbin (Pointed End)
Stand for Rigid Heddle Loom Available in 16", 24", 32" & 48"
Double Heddle Kit for Rigid Heddle Looms
Reeds for Rigid Heddle Looms Available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 or 12.5 dpi for the 16", 24", 32" and 48" Looms
Includes 10 dent reed; 2 Stick Shuttles Available in 16", 24" & 32"
Heddles come in a variety of sizes called dents to allow you to control of number of ends per inch in your project. The standard heddle with each Kromski loom is 8-dent. Also available are 5, 8, 10 and 12-dent heddles. As you expand your weaving interests, you may want to have more than one heddle size.
Made of polycanvas and featuring canvas handles, the Harp Tote Bag is very sturdy. The base of the tote is re-enforced to provide sturdy support of the loom. With a pocket on the inside and a zippered pouch on the outside there is plenty of room for extra heddles, stick shuttles, pick-up sticks, warping equipment, clamps and weaving material. The back side includes canvas straps to secure the long posts for the Harp stand.
Stick Shuttles are available in the following sizes: 4″, 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″ and 32″. Each edge of the shuttle has a knife edge which allows you to use it to beat your weaving. Each Kromski loom comes with two shuttles
the Kromski stand is adjustable allowing you to set the angle of the loom. • the stand can hold your loom when you use the warping board which is on the back of the loom. • the stand stores the warping pegs if you don’t want to keep them on the back of the loom. • the pegs can create handy shelves on each side of the stand to hold stick shuttles or balls of yarn
Specifications : •8″, 16″, 24″ or 32″ width sizes •Built-In Warping Board •Metal Ratchet and Pawl tension mechanisms •5 year Manufacturer Warranty •Clear Finished European Alder Construction •Hand-crafted with detailed turnings and accents •Conveniently folds in half for transportation & storage