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Needle Felting
Super fine and luxurious felted scarf. Quick and easy to make, a very satisfying project. Finished scarf has a wonderful feel and drape. Full color step by step instructions Made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk In the following colors: •Black Currant (a midnight shade with blues, violet and black) •Pomegranate (rich reds with a touch of lime) •Mango (fiery reds and gold) •Field of Rye (warm earth tones) •Woodland (forest shades of greens and brown) •Ocean (jewel tones of blue, green and purple) •Mulberry (glowing shades of red, mauve and gold)
Needle Felting Kits, Beagle or Butterflies Make your own adorable beagle or 3 beautiful butterfly broaches. Everything you need is included in the kits with full color instructions.
These needles have a long shank with a narrow shaft that has a very sharp tip. The thin shaft is barbed. A barb is an indentation that catches the wool and enables the fibers to be caught and move past one another to enable felting. 10 Needles in each pack. Sizes Available (per pack, no combinations): •Fine-40 gauge •Medium-36 gauge •Coarse-32 gauge Star - 38 gauge
Comfortable hollow handle allows for storage of the sharp needles and provides comfortable control during felting. The Regular punch comes with 5 needles, and the Student punch holds 3 needles. Needles also sold separately, in packs of 10.
As you rub the wool on the board the ribbed surface accelerates the felting process. Curved grooves allow soapy water to flow as you rub.