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Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts
Miscellaneous parts for Ashford spinning wheels
Spinning Wheels
Kromski Bobbins Regular & Jumbo. Available in Unfinished, Clear, Walnut & Mahogany
New Bag option for your Minstral Wheel
You need to sit right to spin comfortably. This sturdy stool has a contoured seat that will let you spin for hours. The legs are turned to allow a permanent seat height adjustment from 17″ to 18.5″. Available unfinished or with a clear, walnut or mahogany finish.
Single Drive, Scotch Tension Ratios: 7.135 & 15.5:1 3/8" Orifice Weight: 11 Lbs. Includes 3 bobbins, Orifice Hook & Oil
MDF Wheel w/carrying handle Ratios: 10, 14.1, 18 & 20:1 3/8" Orifice Single Drive, Double treadle, on board kate 3 Bobbins, Orifice Hook & Oil
Specifications: Wheel Diameter 18" Orifice 3/8" Bobbin Capacity 4 oz 3 included Ratios 6:5, 8:5, 12 and 16 to 1, 2 whorls included plus Orifice Hook & Oil
Specifications: Wheel Diameter 24" Orifice 3/8" Bobbin Capacity 4 oz 3 included Ratios 7.7, 10, 16 and 20 to 1, 2 whorls included, oil & Orifice Hook
Specifications: Wheel Diameter 24" Orifice 3/8" Bobbin Capacity 4 oz
Specifications: Wheel Diameter 18" Orifice 3/8" Height 26" Bobbin
Specifications: Wheel Diameter 18" Orifice 3/8" Height 26" Bobbin
This little tin of wax will give a rich vibrant finish to an unfinished wheel or loom, transforming it into a beautiful piece of furniture.New Size 75gm
This handy kit contains everything you will need to keep your wheel in top working order for many years to come. Includes: non staining oil, threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, conrod connector, brake and drive bands. We recommend you oil your wheel before every use. Turbo Kit is a stretchy band kit
All Bobbins SD - Single Drive DD Double Drive L - Lacquered U - Unfinished
Come with 1 bobbin unless noted differently
Full sized Niddy Wind yarn directly from your bobbin into 1.5m (5 ft.) skeins. Tapered ends for easy skein removal. Sampler Niddy Noddy This cute little niddy noddy makes a beautiful small 36inch (90 cm) skein or hank. Ideal for making sample skeins. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with removable ends for storage or transport.
Spin the traditional way. Replace the flyer on your wheel and enjoy the ancient art of quill spinning. FLAX DISTAFF - Spin linen and flax. A great decorative attachment. Available for the Traditional, Traveler, and the Elizabeth wheels Ratios 14.0:1, 19.0:1, 26.5:1 Distaff available for Traditional, Traveller and Elizabeth
Spinning Chair The spinning chair is an ideal height (17") and has a comfortable back that keeps your spine straight and allows freedom of movement when spinning. Available in a lacquer finish or unfinished.
9" Wheel - can be set for either right or left handed Ratios: 16:1 or 80:1 Tapered SS Spindle 5/32'
Specifications: Wheel Diameter: 17.5" Orifice: 3/8" Bobbin Capacity: 3-4 oz Ratios: 5.5:1, 8:1 Weight: 11 lbs Now with Sliding Hook Flyer 3 Bobbins, Orifice Hook and Built in Kate L - Lacquered U - Unfinished
Specifications: Wheel Diameter: 18" Orifice: 7/8" Bobbin Capacity: 900 gm - 1 kg Ratio: 4:1 Weight: 14.5 lbs
Specifications: If you are wanting to spin large amounts of yarn, perhaps for a small cottage industry, or if you have trouble treadling, the electronic is your best choice. Spin fine and textured yarns. Very easy to use and very portable. Spin at home or in your car, RV or boat. Smooth quiet direct drive 12V motor. Includes a sliding hook flyer, 3 large jumbo bobbins and lazy kate with yarn guide. Power pack, cord and interchangable outlet. Assembled & lacquered. Quiet motor drives flyer. Change speed to spin thin to thick yarns. So portable as very light and compact. •Orifice 1.5cm (5/8”) •Motor 12volt DC 1.25amp •Speed 0-1500rpm •Bobbin capacity 225g (8oz) •Power supply 110 or 220 volts •Weight 2.8kg (6lbs)
Specifications: Wheel Diameter: 22" Orifice: 3/8" Bobbin Capacity: 3-4 oz Ratios: 7.5:1, 10:1, 14:1 Weight: 20 lbs Includes 3 bobbins, Kate & Orifice hook
Specifications: Wheel Diameter:15 3/4" Orifice: 3/8" Bobbin Capacity: 3-4 oz Ratios: 6:1, 8:1, 12:1, 15:1 Weight: 11 lbs Includes 3 bobbins, Orifice Hook Built in Kate.
Specifications: Wheel Diameter: 18" Orifice: 3/8" Bobbin Capacity: 100 gm, or 3-4 oz Ratios: Single Drive 5.5:1, 10:1, 14:1 Ratios: Double Drive 6.5:1, 8.5:1, 11.5:1 Weight: 15 lb 3 bobbins, orifice hook, Built in Lazy Kate
Specifications: Wheel Diameter 560mm (22") Orifice 10mm (3/8") Bobbin Capacity (SD or DD) 100 gm or 3-4 oz Ratios: Single Drive-6.5:1, 12.5:1, 17.5:1 Ratios: Double Drive-7.5:1, 10:1, 14:1 Weight 8 kg (17.5 lbs) Includes 3 bobbins, orifice hook, kate
Has Delta Flyer and HLW
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This is a Scotch Tension Wheel The Production Single and Double Treadle with Flyer Lead Maiden Spinning Wheels come with 2 standard bobbins, one 8 oz ply bobbin, 2 lazy kates, orifice hook, 1/4 Brown Sheep Wool, and Babe's Spinning booklet.
Comes with HM Friendship Flyer, 2-1:1 bobbins; 2-21:1 bobbins, 4 kate pins, 1/2 lb brown sheep roving, Orifice is 28" from floor to center Weighs: White - 8.2 lbs; black - 8 lbs
The Pinkie Delta comes with the large key ring sliders to keep the yarn level on the bobbin, two Standard bobbins, a 8 oz. ply bobbin, two lace bobbins, two lazy kates, 1/4 lb of Brown Sheep roving and Babe's Spinning booklet. Available in single or double treadle.
This is the original contemporary spinning wheel (machine) made with furniture PVC, weighing only a little over 7 1/2 pounds. Comes with the new HM Friendship flyer, 2 5:1 bobbins, 2 21:1, ply bobbins, 2 lazy kates, 1/4 LB of Brown Sheep wool, and Babe's Spinning booklet to learn with. It is very light weight, easy to carry, very portable and easy to pack in a suit case.
Ratios: 4.7/1 to 16/1 Weight: 4.5 kg Orifice Height: 700mm Made of Solid Pine. Uses all Majacraft accessories.
Ratios: 4.9/1 to 13.1/1 Weight: 4.5 kg Orifice Height: 650mm Carry Bag, Adjustable Spinning Head, Travel Kate
Ratios: 4.1/1 to 7.3/1 Weight: 7 kg Orifice Height: 730mm Halo Flyer, 3 Wooden Jumbo Bobbins
Ratios: 4.4/1 to 16/1 Weight: 6.5 kg Orifice Height: 720mm Rimu Construction, includes 4 Bobbins
Ratios: 4.3/1 t0 21.9/1 Weight: 6.5 kg Orifice Height: 720mm Includes Lazy Kate & 4 Large Bobbins