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Ashford Flyer Units
Come with 1 bobbin unless noted differently
Kiwi Super Flyer-3 Bobbins - L


Kiwi Super Flyer Kit-3 bobbins-U


Sliding Hook, Jumbo DD, Lacquered


Sliding Hook Jumbo SD, Lacquered


Sliding Hook DD, Lacquered


Sliding Hook, SD, Lacquered


Sliding Hook Flyer Jumbo DD


Sliding Hook, Jumbo SD


Sliding Hook Flyer Double Drive


Sliding Hook Flyer SD


High Speed Dbl Drive adaptor kit-4 bobbins


Double Drive and Whorl


Single Drive for Traveller or Trady


Quill Spindle-no bobbin


Basic Jumbo unit (SD)


DD Flyer Trady-4 bobbins


Standard Flyer Unit-4 bobbins