Here are a few of the bunny clan that live at LynnWood Farm and provide that wonderful supply of angora. 


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Gigi came to join me on Wednesday, September 17th. What a wonderful addition she is. Beautiful, joyful and just a bundle of energy!

These are current photos of Gigi. She has really grown and filled out. She is now working very hard doing agility. By Spring we hope she will begin some competition. She is a total delight to work with and charms everyone she meets.


Here are some photos of the little charmer. These two are from the day she arrived and you can see the stressful look on her poor little face - good thing you couldn't see mine. More photos will be added so you can watch Gigi grow!


Here are new photos of Gigi on, May 3, 2004. She now weight 23.9 lbs and is in her second phase of school!


November 14, 2003 out in her brand new run. She has really grown and weighs about 18 lbs. now. She is a very high energy puppy, loving and a joy to be around.


At last, we're finally here, LynnWood Farm's Sing-Sing (Check out their names!) Angora Goats. For those of you who purchased mohair from me you can now see the providers, Bonnie and Clyde! Lizzie (Borden) and Tonya (Harding) are new additions this year and we hope Bonnie will be adding to the herd in the spring!

                                           Lizzie and Tonya

                                                Bonnie                                                                 Clyde
                                      with Squeaky Fromm
                                       and John Dillinger

                                      Liz, Butch & Sundance                                Sheriff Bart & Doc Holliday



This shawl was hand spun and hand knit by Laura Todd. It is Joan Shrouder's pattern and the fiber came from the               wonderful goats you see here. It was the grand prize winner at the Black Sheep gathering this year!

                                                    GOAT KINGDOM Home Of Duh Goat Man

                                                                      Stone Barns Ag Center